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Llandough Hospital 2020

~ Brief History
   of Healing
   Part 1

Funded by Arts Council Wales, CAVU Health Board and ArcadeCampfa, BHoH Part 1 ran from July - September 2019.
Based at Llandough Hospital adult pschiatric unit where GH was previously an inpatient, and using a repurposed medication trolley as a mobile printing press, prescription dispensary and basket weaving station, the project centred around conversations about institutionalised care and the therapeutic environment. Inpatients , staff and visitors were invited to engage in conversation about their experiences and thoughts around the notion of care , and to make prints, weave baskets and write alternative, utopian prescriptions.

Llandough Hospital 2020 ID : repurposed medication trolley with hand printing scroll mechanism and nhs curtain trim, the word ‘open’ is being printed by a hospital visitor

Llandough Hospital 2020
ID : meds/print trolley in front of wall displaying scrolls of large scale text prints made by GH and inpatients and visitors to LLandough Hospital, showing the words ‘kindness’ , ‘calon’ (Welsh language for ‘heart’), ‘Face to Face’, ‘Express Yourself’, ‘No more stigma’, ‘Empathy’, ‘Respect’, ‘Trust’, and ‘Positive Vibes’