~ yn cynnwys ni
   does that include us?

The culmination of a year-long period of curatorial mentoring offered by g39, as part of the Tu Fewn project supported by DASH and Disablity Arts Cymru, yn cynnwys ni was a two part exhibition. The first half was a series of artist/user led workshops and talks around themes of  access, inclusion, empathy and diversity within the arts and the wider community. Using the g39 space itself as a starting point, we responded to feedback by building a bar/social space, a fully accessible toilet, a ‘garden’ in the car park and a wheelchair accessible large scale stage in the centre of the space. This became a kind of  visual arts version of Speakers Corner, providing a physical platform for artists to explore themes of access, empathy, labels, margins/mainstream and the under representation of minority groups in both audiences and programming.
Contributing artists :
Noemi Lakmaier
The Vacuum Cleaner
Sargy Mann
Nick Davies
Ben Ewart-Dean
Dept of Disability
Dai Howell
Johnny Cotsen
Mr & Mrs Clark
Megan & Mared (UCAN)
James Cocks
Nic Finch
Rosie Moriarty-Simmonds